About Me

I am a freelance computer programmer and the owner of Sickle Hosting and Sickle Technologies. I enjoy all challenges, from easy to impossible.

At a young age, I knew I wanted to become a programmer. The logic and flow has always made sense to me. I have become experienced in designing and programming websites of all sizes, designing well thought out JSON APIs, and creating Android™ applications. If you can dream it, I can bring it to life.

I am also highly experienced in IT consultations. I am able to design and build desktop computers and servers to meet all needs at competitive rates. I am also skilled in repairs and upgrades of existing machines and networks.

When it comes to operating systems, I am proficient in all major releases including Apple's OSX, Microsoft's Windows, and all Linux kernel based distributions. I am highly experienced with virtualization technologies such as KVM and OpenVZ and have experience as a Linux systems administrator.

I also believe in giving back to the community. During my spare time, I like to contribute open source, free to use, code to the community. Many of my projects can be found on my GitHub or on Android related projects' code submission portals.